Idee in movimento


Digital and Business Assistance Support for your company’s product promotional strategy or Branding. We also help improve existing systems, all while keeping our turn around times quick and staying highly affordable.

Development and Marketing Services

Expertise in E-Commerce platform development and Product-Selling web activity. Innovation is happening in our company every day.

Sinergy between companies

The idea behind the Development and Promoting activities was born with the aim to create and strengthen the business development and synergies between local companies.

360° total solution for your business and company’s activity.

Noulab is born by the union of 3 local companies working on different sectors: the synergy between these businesses is the concept behind the multiple solutions made available for entrepreneurs as well as for artisan and Startup

The aim is to generate and develop new entrepreneurs from existing business activities, simplifying the process: companies have now the chance, during this delicate economy time, to ease the development and increase employment thanks to combined union and sharing experience benefits.

Web development on all the devices


FullHD display complete compatibility


Responsive Design


Fully scalable on tablets and smartphones


Trustworth and safety


Keep your tasks on the move

Our competent team develop custom web applications for mobile phones, tablets, full HD monitors and notebooks.

Web Design Optimization, Marketing and Migration for Websites, e-Commerce and not only: we can deliver custom projects and websites tailored to suit you and your users. Just tell us what you need!

We provide end-to-end mobile and browser development for all kinds of needs and environments to ensure end-users functionality, improving visibility to your marketing and promoting activity.

Not only web:

Noulab funds and develops innovative projects coming from potential entrepreneurs or Start-Ups: the aim is to support businesses of all types – large organizations but in particular start-ups, looking to launch their projects, and small businesses with affordable support/service, helping them to bring to reality their ideas/projects.

Keep up with the times

Web applications and service development not only seen as our core business focus but also a communication channel to relate with people and customers from all over the world and “understand” all types of business, independently by the sector.

Our goals became real and sustainable trough the growth of the real people working on your projects. Customers can see the men and the experience behind their investiments.

We aim to bring small businesses together in a single network, giving the opportunity to people and agencies that alone could not access the global market.

Growth is thought ethical and sustainable, particullary addressed to the internationalization of goods and services made in Sardinia.

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