About us

Noulab SRL has its roots back in 2014 with a combined group of 6 firms, gathered in a pilot project called Serramanna Impresa, aiming for associative activities and promote local development.

During 2016 a new firm has been established in Serramanna with commercial development purposes.

The legal foundation as “srl” was finalized on April 2017 between 3 firms requiring engagement on common values for the foreseen activities.

The cooperation among the 3 gathered firms continues nowadays and future developments are foreseen with exchanging services between them.

The aim is to generate and develop new entrepreneurs from existing business activities, simplifying the process: companies have now the chance, during this delicate economy time, to ease the development and increase employment thanks to combined union and sharing experience benefits.

The development is ethical and sustainable, with particular attention to international trade of goods and services coming from Sardinia.

The local market is therefore the point of start and not the end of it.